Thursday, January 10, 2013

Norwegian Space Center announces request to build platform for NORSAT-1

The Norwegian Space Center is now accepting bids to create the platform for NORSAT-1, the new Norwegian satellite that will investigate solar radiation, space weather and monitor shipping traffic.

Magne Osmundsen, Senior Advisor for Industry Coordination at the NSC and project manager for the new satellite said that during this year, the Norwegian Space Center will procure a new small satellite, initially named NORSAT-1, to carry out different scientific experiments.

NORSAT-1 will be carrying an AIS receiver to be able to accomplish ship detection from space. The new satellite will be a more advanced version of the AISSat-1, launched last July 2010, so that it can test out new detection algorithms. The new AIS receiver will require a bigger satellite platform to allow the satellite to detect and track maritime traffic in both Norwegian waters and international waters.

The new satellite will also measure Total Solar Irradiation (TSI) and electron plasma coming from the sun, with the help of two instruments currently developed by Norwegian and international research teams.

The Norwegian Space Centre will coordinate the development and the integration of the instruments for the new satellite platform.

In a statement, Norwegian Space Centre Director Bo Andersen said, “Several Norwegian companies make satellite components, but because no Norwegian company produces entire satellite platforms, we are publishing a call for bids internationally.”

NORSAT-1 has its launch set for 2015 to a polar orbit at approximately 600 kilometers height.

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